The German settlement

2018 Mayfest Photographer - Recapture Self With Beryl Young

Pie Eating Contest - Pies donated by Giant in Purcellville

Trash Pick up - Boyscout Troop 962

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2018 Mayfest / Cornhole Posters designed by Ronnie Price

Mayfest website designed by Jennifer Willard 

Cornhole Coordinators, Michael & Tiffany Dunlap

Cornhole Tournament Boards made by Bubba Cornett


Tiffaney Carder - Chair 

Kristin Wychrij - Vice Chair

Stephanie Bickmore

Jennifer Willard

Tiffany Dunlap

Michael Dunlap

Cathy Owens

Melissa Jarrell

Joe Suits

Joy Suits

Laura Murphy

Shiva Schilling

A huge thank you goes out to all our volunteers!!

Our Thanks and Appreciation go out to those who donated their time to help make Lovettsville's Mayfest a fun filled family day!!